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We love questions. We get asked a lot of them so we'll be trying to add them to this page as we get them.

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Why Disaster Kraft

Quick answer - Despression and finding a creative outlet that brings joy to others' lives gives me a purpose larger than myself.

Why hemp wax?

It burns nice and smooth and doesn't tunnel like soy and doesn't contain petroleum based products. Also its bougie af.

Is this all you do?

Nope Kandice's day job is at the local community college where she recently switched roles to work with high school students transition into the world of adulting as college students. Formerly was the Laboratory Manager for the college for the last decade.

Are you hiring?

Sad reality is no. We are a small struggle bus of a one woman show and though we'd love to at this time we aren't BUT we likely will be for market season.

Do I have to clean out my jar to return it?

Nope, not at all! We have a process we use that ensure that wax doesn't end up in drains or other weird places it doesn't belong.