Collection: Our Why

Disaster Kraft was born in 2016 out of the need for a less self destructive hobby and a habit for Kandice, the short, tattooed, socially awkward owner. Our company is the result of making a choice to live and not giving in to the mental monsters that lurk behind every negative thought.

Finding comfort in music, creating, and a love of burning stuff led to this candle company. Music is a central theme in our lives as well as our product line. You’ll see most of our candles are named after songs. A song and scent can take you right to that place where you adjust your pants and dance the good time dance.

Being a biologist and environmental scientist by degree and a dirty hippy by nature meant a need to make a product with a minimal impact. Our candles are made from hemp wax that burns longer, stronger and cleaner than other wax options.We opted for a wooden wick because we're just bougie like that.

We welcome you to Disaster Kraft.

Explore where the song leads you.