A Quick Death in Texas

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Honeydew/Cactus Rose/Driftwood

Artist/Band: Clutch

Album: Psychic Warfare

Release Year: 2015

The song and scent are one of those that get in your head and isn't what you expect. It isn't as floral or fruit as one might expect as the driftwood tones and balances the sweetness of both to be a clean scent. 

Candles - Hemp Seed Oil Wax, Natural Fragrance Oil, Wooden Wick

Wax Melts/Wax Meltins - Coconut Soy Wax, Natural Fragrance Oil

Room/Body/Linen Spray - Propriety Base, Natural Fragrance Oil

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Candles - Return Jar & Lid

Wax Meltin - Top & Bottom

Room/Body/Linen Spray -Bottle & Functioning Spray Top

Rollerball Perfume - Rollerball Top, Lid & Bottle