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Pineapple & Sage

Artist/Band: Faith No More

Album: The Real Thing

Release Year: 1989

This scent had sat on the shelf nameless for way too long until my Mac updated and now, I have a screensaver that shows album covers and low and behold there it was. Faith No More and instantly I knew what this scent was. It is Epic. Its such a warm bright but not all sunshine and rainbows kind of scent its pineapple sage. Which if you are a weirdo plant collector like myself, I grow this every year and never do anything with it. I can’t cook with it because its too weird to me. I can’t make tea with it because we live on lemon verbena. So, it just grows, and I smack it around from time to time for whiff of perfect scent of pineapple sage. This candle has nailed all the things I love about that scent and finally found the perfect song that goes with it.