Ice Cream Man

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Waffle Cones & Vanilla Ice Cream

Artist/Band: Van Halen

Album: The Club Days Tour (Live)

Release Year: 1976

We always have a really hard time naming vanilla scents because vanilla is such a polarizing scent either you love it or you hate it. Kinda like Van Halen. This is a sweeter vanilla that smells like a wonderfully melty summer ice cream in a handmade waffle cone. If you are a fan of vanilla you will love this one!

Candles - Hemp Seed Oil Wax, Natural Fragrance Oil, Wooden Wick

Wax Melts/Wax Meltins - Coconut Soy Wax, Natural Fragrance Oil

Room/Body/Linen Spray - Propriety Base, Natural Fragrance Oil

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Candles - Return Jar & Lid

Wax Meltin - Top & Bottom

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Rollerball Perfume - Rollerball Top, Lid & Bottle