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Artist/Band: Van Morrison

Album: Moondance

Release Year: 1970

Moondance, named after the classic Van Morrison song, is a sweet and captivating fragrance that transports you to a world of endless possibility. The scent begins with top notes of fresh white florals, including moonflowers, jasmine, and gardenia, reminiscent of a warm summer evening spent dancing under the stars. As the fragrance settles, juicy and sweet undertones of ripe peaches and apricots emerge, adding a touch of fruity freshness to the floral heart, much like the upbeat and energetic rhythm of the famous song. The fragrance is rounded out with a soft, creamy vanilla base that provides a comforting and warming quality to the overall scent, reminiscent of the warm, soulful saxophone solos in "Moondance."

Just like the timeless tune, Moondance fragrance evokes a sense of peace and happiness, creating an inviting atmosphere in any room. Whether used in candles, room sprays, or other products, Moondance is sure to bring joy and uplift your spirit. So, put on some Van Morrison, light a candle, and let Moondance transport you to a world of endless possibility.