Rump Shaker

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Coconut Cream/Pistachio/Musk

Artist/Band: Wreckx-n-Effect

Album: Hard or Smooth

Release Year: 1992

Ever smell something and instantly want to live in that scent? As a baby of the 80’s I know there are certain songs that I will always live in. I’m pretty sure this is one of those forever summer scents and songs. This scent is what the Girls Gone Wild generation now slathers themselves in, instead of the copious amounts of beer that was wasted for every wet t-shirt contest I “witnessed”. This scent is marvelous and thankfully does not remind me of what spring breaks 98, 99, or 2000 smelt like. This is what our generation of women have adulted into, and this scent is just as amazing as we are. It’s a little bit Miami, a little South Padre, and maybe a hint of the memory of my flat pre-kids and legally drinking age stomach.